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Upon purchase of this offer, you’ll receive rebranding rights (note: while you can rebrand the reports with your own affiliate links, you do not receive PLR rights to modify the reports in any other way) to the following 9 reports immediately:

  • Viral PDFs Case Study ($17 value)
  • Starting From Free eBook ($47 value)
  • Finding Your Reason Why ($17 value)
  • 10×10 Matrix System ($27 value)
  • What They Need to Know End of Life Planning Guide (added in January 2021, value $27)
  • 101 Ways to Profit With Gumroad and Gumroad Advanced Topics (added in January 2021, value $67)
  • Achieving an Abundant Mindset (added in February 2021, value $27)
  • Dashed Dreams (added in March 2021, value $27)

Most of our rebranding rights licenses sell for $17 to $27 each or more (some much more), so just those licenses are a bargain at the current bundled price.


You’ll also receive a minimum of 7 more licenses during the remainder of 2021…

… and by “minimum” I do mean that you will most likely receive extra unadvertised licenses during 2021!

Yes, 9 more (at least!) will be provided for your list-building and passive-profit-producing pleasure.

Don’t miss this, the price for this offer will rise after each purchase (dime sale pricing), and then rise substantially after this special offer ends.