Would you like to have a bigger email list, more sales, and beat your competitors? Well then…

“Explode Your List Building With Viral PDFs”

An email list is one of the most important assets of any online marketer. It doesn’t take a huge list to make excellent profits, but obviously, the bigger the better, assuming that the marketer pays attention to building and continuing a relationship that encourages engagement.

The first step though, is the building.

Whether you are just starting or in the “build bigger” phase of your efforts, there is one method that stands out above all others in the list of list building tactics…

Using Viral PDFs

A Viral PDF is one that contains great value that your followers actually want to read, and read in entirety, with a twist.

The twist is that you allow them to distribute the PDF to anyone they want.

This is totally opposite to the way most marketers think. They think that they need to keep tight reins on their content, and only those who purchase it should benefit from what’s inside.

A PDF that encouraging sharing can make you stand out from your colleagues.

And it can make you great profits

It doesn’t have to be a large report, it can be anything from a one-page cheatsheet to a full eBook, or anything in between.

Actually, short is very good because if you can get great information in the hands of those who need it, it can be easily consumed, and then easily shared.

Now, the thing is, why would someone want to share your PDF with anyone other than a very good friend that they think will benefit from what’s inside? What’s in it for them (to share)?

And here’s where you can not only win loyal email subscribers but also profit.

You can and should have links in your PDF that go to one or more of your “money” pages, and then you should allow the PDF to be rebranded with the affiliate links of those who will be sharing it.

Then, when they share your PDF, they profit. And so do you, of course.

Allowing sharing like this can explode not only your profits, but most importantly, the number of people on your list

Sharing of viral PDFs might start with only a few shares at first, but as it gets out “into the wild” and more and more people share it, the viral aspect takes over.

Think about this. If you can convince just 5 people to share your PDF (and make it attractive for them to do so), they might each convince 2 or 3 or more people to do the same. And so on, and so on.

How far can it go? It all depends on your niche, your initial marketing efforts, how well you monetize the PDF, and how lucrative sharing it is for others. But I want to inspire you with a case study of someone real, who has done this very thing.

That person is adding 440 new subscribers to her email list daily, and you will learn how you can make it happen yourself!

Keep in mind that you don’t need to be adding 440 new subscribers to your list daily. Starting with even just 10 a day would be great, don’t you think? Following the methods outlined in this case study will get you there, and far beyond, and there is definite hope that at some point you will be adding hundreds of new subscribers, and bunches of profitable sales, daily.

Learn how, in this free report:

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