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Here’s the Tip of the Iceberg of What You’ll Gain Should You Qualify to Join Our Exclusive Club for Entrepreneurs:

  • Access to tons of premium products at discount prices
  • Opportunities to purchase not just premium private label rights, but VIRAL premium private label rights products
  • Hundreds of popular Warrior Plus products at half price, exclusive discount for club members
  • Done for you content to use to build your email subscriber list, or to sell for 100% profit
  • A huge library of case studies detailing some of the most innovative, cash-grabbing methods you’ve never heard of before
  • Income opportunities exclusively for club members, enabling you to turn your club membership into a passive income stream potentially worth thousands of dollars monthly

First, let me give you a brief recap about viral PLR…

Viral PLR is regular PLR (private label rights products) that allows you the right to create rebrandable PDFs from it, with your own affiliate links inside, and allow others to share the resulting PDFs with others, sometimes freely, more often for resell.

You can even sell or give rebranding rights (but not PLR rights) to others, so that they can embed their affiliate links inside, and distribute the resulting PDF, thus profiting them by whatever affiliate commission you give, and profiting you with the remainder of the price, while typically building your buyer’s list.

In so doing you, as the owner of the Viral PLR as well as the buyer of your version of the PDF can profit massively, and/or build your email subscriber list to huge numbers.

But here’s the trouble, until today…

There isn’t much Viral PLR available.

Bummer (am I dating myself?) 🙂

Most providers add licensing restrictions that prevent you from rebranding and allowing others to resell or share their original work… even though you have willingly paid the price for the license.

Double bummer!

So… I have great news for you…

I’ve acquired master licensing rights to a wide range of premium PLR, primarily in the IM/make money online niches, and I’ve negotiated the right to add viral capabilities to the product licenses.

Here’s the typical license that you’ll receive

Some of those PLR products are no longer being sold by anyone else, even the original creator.

And I’m always on the lookout for more.

When you do see them being sold, they’re certainly not sold at the price that our club members enjoy.

Even those who might be selling the same PLR packages are not selling it with rebranding rights.

But by joining the “DAB Esquared Club”, things change for you, starting today. (Esquared means Executive Entrepreneurs, by the way).

As a DAB Esquared member, you will receive the rights to purchase premium Viral PLR packages at incredible discounts from the original cost.

For example,:

Original prices: $497, $297, $197, $97, etc,
E-squared Club prices: $37, often $27, maybe a little more, maybe a little less, depending on the package, but always the best deal you’ve ever seen!

And if you’re not interested in private label rights, you can purchase personal use rights, again for a low price you’ve probably never seen before!

Once you join the club, you will immediately get the link to a special members-only area that lists the products, and you will be notified by email when new offers become available.

There are already enough available packages to keep you busy for a long time, and as mentioned, I’m always on the lookout for more.

If you’ve been purchasing PLR for a while, you might have seen some of these products advertised. You might even have paid full price for them, either from us or others. If you purchased at a higher price in the past, I’m sorry, but it is unethical to ask for a refund so that you can purchase now for a lower price…

… but you will get access to plenty more. All premium. All the best price possible. All with the full licensing rights that you would have received from the originator, plus more (the extra sauce!).

Remember, with the DAB Esquared Club, you get the “extra sauce” which is the ability to rebrand and share PDFs (rebranding software necessary and not included, since the deals are incredible even if you don’t take advantage of rebranding).

But discounted premium viral PLR is only the starting point for club members…

In addition, as a DAB Esquared Club member you will find lots of “gold” once you enter your exclusive members area:

  • A special coupon code so that you can purchase any of our DennisAndBarb Warriior Plus products (hundreds available, dozens have won W+ Deal of the Day honors!) for half price (upsells as well).
  • A library of Strategy Primers created by my business partner Barb Ling. Strategy Primers are gorgeously formatted, beginner-friendly fluff-free reports that give readers an edge in marketing skills, motivational resources and more. They make excellent bonuses for opting into lists, distributing as gifts, sharing in social media etc.All done for you content, ready to be used as lead magnets or to be resold for profit.
  • A huge library of case studies, detailing how successful marketers have turned simple ideas into huge profits. One idea could turn your life around, and there are dozens and dozens of ideas waiting to inspire you.
  • Income opportunities which will enable you to leverage your club materials for passive profit, potentially thousands of dollars per month in profit or more!

So how much?

Considering that you could save as much as $460 on a single purchase of a viral PLR product, and there are many available…

Considering that if you did have to pay $497 or $297 or thereabouts for a premium PLR product, you might decide it isn’t in your budget, thus missing out on the profits that owning that business asset would bring you…

Considering you can save $40+ on every W= offer we ever create, or ever have created…

Considering the done-for-you content that you’ll have handed to you on a silver platter once you enter the members area…

Considering the ideas that you’ll get from the inspirational case studies (ah ha! moments galore)…

Considering the income opportunities we’re making exclusive to club members…

… and considering there will be more coming…

We could easily have priced club membership at $47 a month or more… and probably one day we will.

But today, as an introductory offer, in order to help YOU succeed, save, and earn, DAB Esquared Club membership is…

Just $9.97 per month

And I know. Even at a price that low, you might be hesitant to commit to monthly payments.

So I’ll make it easy…

Not only can you join and cancel at any time, but for your first month, the price will only be a single tiny dollar.

Join today for $1, and if you’re not totally thrilled, just cancel your membership before the end of your first month (we’ll assist you in that if you want), and you’ll never pay another dime.

But I know you’ll be deliriously happy, and you’ll never want to leave the club

So join the DAB Esquared Club now, for just a dollar for the first month, and get started.