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First, though, take a peek at what EVERY Strategy Primer includes, beginning with the Nicely Formatted Table of Contents:

Formatted TOC

Next, readers discover they own giveaway rights. And because YOU automatically get rebranding rights, if they buy from this report, you'll get the commissions:

Giveaway rights

You want to deliver quality. Thus, your readers receive instructions on how to *really* make the report work for them:

6 different types of browser organizations

One really cool thing about ALL 15 reports is their pages ALL have headers that change depending upon what page the reader is on.

So visually helpful as you can see:

Compelling CTA

It's SO important to ensure your readers are NOT left hanging. Near the end of each report, they'll see a "Your Next Steps" section so they know exactly what to do:

Your next steps

Much more is included, but you get the idea. :)

And with that as an intro, let's take a look at what you'll be gaining 27 seconds after buying:

We're talking you get PLR to not 1, not 2 but 15 AND (that secret sauce) for ALL of these Self Help Reports:

    NOTE: These particular DFY Self-Help PLR reports are called "Strategy Primers" ; they are focused on getting the reader up to speed asap on the topic at hand. Description is below.
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Imagine you owning and profiting from all of these!

What's SO cool about them all is the following is they are ALL Strategy Primers. Each is:

  • LESS than 30 Pages (quick read for your audience)!
  • Contains 24+ Help Resources (Some of them broken down into Beginners, Visual Learners, Social Resources and more)!
  • Dynamic Book Page Headers (So readers know where they are at any time)
  • Includes Critical User How-Tos (How to save and organize must-remember Self Help resources for Chome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera and more)!
  • Profit Links (You can add your own, OR take advantage of the Secret Sauce)!
  • More!

Oh, and before I forget:

Let's Now INCLUDE "The Secret Sauce" to Them ALL!

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It's Rebranding!

Normally we charge $27 for EACH Rebranding license....

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It Means YOUR Unique Copy Has YOUR Own Money-Making Affiliate Links Hard-Coded Inside!

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Your rights to the above include the following


So the only question left is....

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